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Featured projects

Featuring some of my great works

My interiors have a distinctive, modern elegance inspired and informed by the Clint’s needs and spirit. We use traditional custom and modern elements to create harmonious spaces both relaxed and timeless.

-- Deepak Mukati
Interior Designers Services
Create A Custom Crafted Space You Love
Full Service Architecture & Interior Design Development
Project Management
Decorative Services

How we work. The approach...
Step 1
Step 1
We expect a meeting with you in order to understand your style and desired functions. This meeting is required so that we can present a layout plan and mood boards. Further step will be taken once you will approve the above mentioned things..
Step 2
Step 2
The foremost things required are information about furniture and electrical appliances/gadgets, so that we can start the phase. We will showcase the design concepts, themes and 2D elevations and on your approval we will move to the next phase.
Step 3
Step 3
After approving layout plan and 2D elevation, we would be meeting for material sampling which in turn will help in creating technical drawings and 3D perspective views.  
Step 4
Step 4
When technical drawings and 3D perspectives will get ready, we will go ahead with finding of right contractor for the project (you can also suggest contractor of your choice) and create BoQ (Bill of Quantities). Once all these things are done, your project work will be executed.

Some Facts Of Us

Hours of work
Projects delivered
Number of Employees
Awards won
Our work
Our Price
No hidden fees

No hidden fees

Common method used for charging is based on percentage basis on the total cost of building. What doesn’t matter to our costing is that don’t include the uncertainty part, what material you want to use. Our charges are based on per square feet basis and we give the charges at the start of the project itself.

We charge in proportion to the time and effort we put in

Calculating charges is not based on design but it comes from our experts who are ready to deliver the best to you. Our charges are based on resources, efforts and time put in the project.  
We don’t simply give a rough sketch

We don’t simply give a rough sketch

There is no rough idea/sketch that we give to our clients for design. We believe in giving the final design to the customer so we expect time from our customers as designing is a time consuming process, we need to experiment with various outcomes and then bring out the right solution. The final design that we give is well thought and we make sure that you get the right value of your money and for that you deserve the best.

500 to 5 Lakh square feet? No problem!

The size doesn’t matter to us. Whether it’s a few hundred square feet or scaled to lakhs, it won’t bother us. The only thing we required is creative freedom, so that our resources can give the best to bring in the best.
We don’t charge for revisions. Neither we complain

We don’t charge for revisions. Neither we complain

Idea can occur anytime and we appreciate this for our designs also. If anything that will make our design look better, than we don’t complain for it. We don’t care even if it burns a hole in our pocket, after all your building is our showcase and we care as much as you do.

We maximize your investment

A thoughtful project serves longer than normal one. We don’t believe in cost cutting to fit in a fixed budget, but we do make sure that we save a lot of cost and time for you which will increase your return on investment.

Press Release
February 8th, 2015
September 13th, 2014
Dainik Bhaskar
Dainik Bhaskar
April 12th, 2014
January 27th, 2014

Whether you need a little help or a lot, from answers to a few questions on color selection or furniture layout to help on planning and completing a complicated remodel or new construction project, the advice and guidance of an Interior Designer is invaluable.

Having a professional Interior Designer on your team who has the knowledge and experience of countless similar projects as well as the information and expertise for finding the exact products and trades-people you need to get the best result for your project is priceless. Working with an Interior Designer will help you to move seamlessly and efficiently through the project, as well as help you prevent costly mistakes or side-steps along the way.
While it is true that many retail establishments may offer “free” advice and assistance, and that sometimes, though not always, those consultants may be very good at what they do, it is also true that although the advice they offer you is “free,” they definitely are not working for “free” and their primary allegiance and obligation is to their employer.
Our fees are based off the scope of work and we charge a simple flat design fee when possible. However, sometimes smaller jobs will billed at an hourly rate depending on scope of work. Pink Door Designs also offers A-La-Carte Services that add flexibility for your needs and to fit your budget.

The design fee covers such actions as:
Schematics, space planning, lighting design, renderings, working drawings and finish selections of new materials
Design of custom window and bedding treatments, shades or blinds
Preparation of estimates and purchasing
Coordination with contractors, architects and installers
Subsequent consultations with the client and suppliers
Researching sources for materials or products
Overall project management and overseeing installations
The design fee is for design concepts, solutions to the problems, and advice on any purchases. When a product is ordered through the designer, there is a great deal of time spent on producing purchase orders, ordering cuttings of fabrics, and wall-coverings from current stock for approval. Our procurement fee is 25% plus the cost of goods sold.

Additionally, time is spent on coordinating deliveries and generally ensuring that the whole process runs smoothly until the item is delivered to the client. The purchasing fee covers this entire process and assures the clients’ peace of mind. In addition, to having insider accesses to products you still save with designer discount and are typically not subject to full retail costs.
Collect clippings from magazines and photos of items and decors that appeal to you.
Think about colors, styles and effects you like.
Know what you want to accomplish, what the room or house should do for you when finished.
Should it be formal or casual, traditional or contemporary?
Know your objective and lifestyle needs.
Establish a time frame in which you would like to work
Have a budget in mind and be honest about it with your designer. Having a ball park figure is a good start.
Vastu Shastra

What is Vastu shastra

Vastu shastra means science of architecture and construction. Found in Indian subcontinent, these survive as manuals on design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, spatial geometry and other aspects of architecture.

History of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is one such discipline that developed over the years based on the traditional knowledge gained from studying the nature.

Elements of Vastu Shastra

The age old Indian philosophers knew a lot about the five elements that made the universe.These are- Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space

Directions in Vastu Shastra

When constructing a house, making sure that everything is in the right corner is of utmost importance and this is why it is necessary for people to know all about this. Here are the eight directions in Vastu Shastra, these are - East, West, North, South, North-East, North-West, South-East, South-West.

Key Tips to ensure Compliance

We wanted to make your life simpler and therefore, we have put together a list of five things that are an Absolute Must when you’re looking for a house. These are- Pre-construction, House entrance, Kitchen location, Master Bedroom, Toilet location.

Colours and Vaastu

The moment one opens his/her eyes, a world filled with colours perceives before him. The impact of these colours on various aspects of our life – emotional, intellectual, materialistic, physical and intuitive – is immeasurable.


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